Tuesday, February 26, 2013

80's party

We had a fun 80's party at the church.  I was loving the music and all of the memories.  I will say, however, that being the oldest couple at our table was a tad strange.  Even so, we were not that helpful on the the 80's trivia.  But, we had a great time.  I especially loved seeing the lip syncing from all of these fantastic people to songs from Twisted Sister, Billy Idol, and other totally 80's groups.  It was, like, so totally fun.


We've had some sickness in our house over the past several weeks.  Alyssa has incorporated this into her play and we've seen a lot of sick babies.  This one was throwing up.  We've given lots of shots, medicine, and resting.  Thank goodness we are all well now.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

December Flew By...

As always, December goes by way too fast.  Here's a few of the things that happened in our family....

All five ready for church.  Alyssa has started making weird faces

Andrew turns 11
Getting some new camping gear for scouts.

Andrew is my science fan.  He's excavating a mummy.

Annual Gingerbread houses-Chris and the three littles.
Team two-the two big boys and me 

Andrew had a pian recital at Kori's house.  He memorized his two songs and is really enjoying piano.

We had our annual Christmas Eve celebration and Alyssa was the angel (with ladybug wings).   We work with what we have.

The "Three Wise Guys" as Chris' family refers to them.  

I LOVE this picture because of Hailey's expression.  Kind of like, "Not sure you're up for the job."  Hailey as Mary and Zach as Joseph.
Making reindeer food before bed on Christmas Eve.

New pajamas for everyone.

Christmas morning-Santa brought her the suitcase that she wanted.

The 3DS was a big hit

Her next American Girl
An IPOD touch.
Another IPOD touch.  I miss the days when he asked for a frisbee!

Playing his new toy with his backpack and robe on.  He was too funny walking around like this.

My eye was twitching, but these 3 boys were in this position most of Christmas Day.
Playing a game together

For more fun, my sister and her family flew out to our house on Christmas night to stay for 10 days.  We loved having them and the cousins were in heaven.  Paul showing Hailey a game that he can play on the IPAD.

Sweet Lily

This old teeter totter was a big hit over the break.  It provided hours of entertainment and the kids would flip each other over.

The girls watching something as their legs are all tangled up together.

Hailey flipping Sammi.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter gear

I have a lot of catching up to do with my blog, but I just love this picture and thought I would put it up before thinking about all the other ones I need to do.  Funny girl.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Bathroom Remodel

We decided to update our 2 upstairs bathrooms and my parents wanted to see the result.  Here it goes:  This is the old view of the kids bathroom.
New view: Same vanity, but different granite, mirrors, lights, faucets, etc.  And new paint!!

Old kids bathroom

New bathroom with new tile, new shower, etc.
Old master bath
New master: new tile, new vanity, curtains, paint, chandelier, etc.

New shower, etc

Old vanity, etc.


Friday, November 23, 2012


We were lucky this year to have my parents with us during Thanksgiving.  It was low key, but fun to have them here.  They left this afternoon and we are missing them already!

Hailey was in charge of the decorations and had a great time creating the turkey centerpiece, name places and napkin rings.  We love her creativity.

 Apparently, Andrew loves mashed potatoes!

 An extremely familiar sight...my Dad cleaning.  :)

 Our "thankful tree"...the kids were writing down what they were thankful for.

 Fun and games...arm wrestling.

 My dad was a sport and wrestled with the kids for a long time.  He and Hailey kept trading insults, but she quickly backed down when the "big bear" took down the "little mosquito" (a scene that is reminiscent of my own childhood).
He even took Carter to the mat. 

Showing her tough attitude.